The neocortex is a hierarchical structure. Show before Tell.

CWORTHY CORPORATION      October 4, 2023

The previous Blog Post arguably made the case that school curriculums provide 100% verbal standards. It is also true of federal, state, and college of education standards. No matter where these standards originate from, 100% are transitive verbs. Our Language Arts teachers or English teachers have shown us how to decode transitive verbs. Most of us forgot how to manage transitive verbs; thus, the Study Script reminds us how. A transitive verb requires a direct object that provides the verb’s meaning. One might now conclude that K-PhD curriculums offer learners 100% of the standards without meaning. The syntax is grammar—no syntax, no sentence, no meaning. 

In the text The Mind and The Brain (2002), Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Begley describe what happens when the quantum brain encounters a transitive verb. “Until a question is posed, nothing happens. Without some way of specifying what the question is, the quantum process seizes up like a stuck gear and grinds to a halt”  (p. 372). The Study Script manages thetransitive verb standard by posing the question Who, Whom, or What. As an attempt in a previous Post to clarify the ecological brain process that triggers meaning, the reader must recognize that verbal standards are backward. A reminder here that learning is show and tell and not tell and don’t show.

Although the secret of the K-Phd backward standards is an unknown dynamic in 2023, how to start with visual standards first is not well provided now in educational institutions. When John Taylor Gatto wrote the book Dumbing Us Down (1992), “We are a land of talkers; we pay talkers the most and admire talkers the most, and so our children talk constantly, following the models of television and schoolteachers. It is very difficult to teach the “basics” anymore because they really aren’t basic to the society we’ve made” (p. 23). We are placing the horse in the back of the cart, and it isn’t working. Neuroscience will soon lead education. Why not now?

Thank you for visiting The following Blog Post will show how neuroscience will use visualization before verbalization for educational standards.