Neuroscience is required to improve learning.

November 30, 2023       C-WORTHY CORPORATION Read More Source-book: Schmoker, M. (2011) Focus: Evaluating the Essentials To Improve Student Learning Radically. Alexandria, VA: ASCD Welcome Blog visitors. Those readers who have viewed previous Blogs here have some awareness of the need for a robust student evaluation system. When you purchase the Study Script at, you…

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ESSENTIALS:  WHAT is required to improve learning?

October 31, 2023, C-WORTHY CORPORATION Read More Source-book: Schmoker, M. (2011) Focus: Evaluating the Essentials To Improve Student Learning Radically. Alexandria, VA: ASCD I observe that Schmoker and his experts seldom SHOW HOW to improve student learning radically. The author and experts often TELL us WHAT is required. The argument remains: WHAT is required is…

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The neocortex is a hierarchical structure. Show before Tell. CWORTHY CORPORATION      October 4, 2023 The previous Blog Post arguably made the case that school curriculums provide 100% verbal standards. It is also true of federal, state, and college of education standards. No matter where these standards originate from, 100% are transitive verbs. Our Language Arts…

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Learning Interpretation Secrets Hidden In Plain SightH. Mike Kanitz, 2023 WHAT IS NECESSARY AND ESSENTIAL FOR INTERPRETATION OF CURRICULUM STANDARDS. The action of explaining the meaning of something does notrequire complex interpretations. So why is that act so elusivewhen one attempts to apply what one has learned? How does oneinterpret what both state and federal…

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Levels of Learning                                       

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Why have a classification for learning?  The rationale for selecting this taxonomy (Bloom et al., 1956) offers a classification system applicable to learners making quantum choices in solving problems or investigations.  The cognitive processes, Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation, are ideally suited for the MEMTRIX J-LAGG Simulator.  Many teachers use this taxonomy.

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The Importance of Expanding Working Memory      

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The importance of expanding working memory capacity is made clear by Thad Polk (2018) at the University of Michigan in his text, The Learning Brain: “People with greater working memory capacity tend to perform better in a wide range of cognitive tasks, such as reading comprehension, reasoning, and standardized tests. In addition, working memory capacity…

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The Study Script Secret 

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The Study Script is a novice friendly mundane note-taking method of organizing data.  The intention is attention where the teacher and peers can monitor levels of learning for individuals and teams.  This  method places an emphasis on WHAT one learns, and HOW one learns.  HOW a person learns is rare in educational curriculums!

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Quantum Physics Common Sense

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The common sense findings in Quantum Mechanics are the offerings provided in the Study Script.  The 200+ year old Newtonian physics denies the presence of ‘Free Will’  and ‘Choice’ in human existence. In addition, Newtonian physics is materialist, where physical matter is reality.  Thus, your brain is made up of matter.  Therefore, the brain is…

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